1. Put Fruity in the [sites/…/]themes directory of your Drupal project.
  2. Log into the administration area and go to site building > menus.
  3. Add a menu and name it admin.
  4. Move create content and administer to the admin menu and make sure they are both expanded by default.
  5. Go to site building > blocks > fruity settings.
  6. Move blocks navigation and admin to the admin sidebar and make sure the admin block is at the bottom of the list.
  7. Go to site configuration > administration theme and select fruity.
  8. Optional: download and install this module to use Fruity on the log in, register, reset password and create/edit content pages.
  9. Optional: go to site building > menus and add a menu item to the navigation menu. Title it view site and set the path to <front>.

That should do the trick in a “fresh” Drupal installation. If you encounter problems or have any questions at all, please let us know!

Note: At the moment, Fruity is only available for Drupal 5. A Drupal 6 version is being worked on.